Students will learn Melina’s natural technique. This one-day course will bring all artists up to date with our natural stroke technique, stroke composition, shape retention and understanding how to achieve thin and precise healed strokes! This course is focused on advancing your technique, which is why you need previous experience from Microblading, either from another course where you have received a certificate or from MT Academy. The spots are limited and we need to see pictures of your work to see if this course is for you.

The Advanced Microblading course is perfect for those that want to advance their Microblading skills. Melina will teach you her natural technique and practice key factors that are geared to achieving thin and precise healed strokes.

  • The training is during one day and we will improve your technique. We will practice on latex skin and you will also see Melina do the treatment on a model. You will learn her skills and she will show you how the treatment is done on a model
  • We will adjust the course to improve your difficulties. Our goal is that you will feel more confident
  • Starter kit is included
  • 3 months online support from MT Academy


The course cost: Price starts from 13.000 SEK without VAT

The registration fee is 5000 SEK

Woman training in microblading

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